Wellness Programs

Wellness and prevention programs for healthy hearts

Part of keeping your heart healthy is knowing where to turn for preventive care, and participating in a wellness program like the ones offered by Dr. Ola at Queens Heart Institute. 

Dr. Ola offers complete wellness programs aimed at keeping your healthy heart healthy. His comprehensive approach includes state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and treatment, emphasis on diet and physical exercise – including visits with a dietitian and fitness instructor – and incorporation of vitamins and other nutritional supplements for treatment and wellness maintenance. Dr. Ola's wellness programs include:

  • Diet – A heart-healthy diet should be low in salt, low in total and saturated fats, low in cholesterol and high in fruits and vegetables. Clients consult with a dietitian about healthy eating plans.
  • Nutrition – To ensure complete nourishment for your heart, mind and body, Dr. Ola incorporates selected vitamins and other nutritional supplements aimed at heart health and heart disease prevention.
  • Fitness – Dr. Ola's patients and clients will work with a licensed, certified fitness instructor to learn how to exercise properly and safely and avoid injury to achieve a healthy weight and get the best possible results.

Because once you achieve heart health, it's just as important for you to keep it that way. For renowned Mayo Clinic-style preventive heart healthcare right here in the heart of Queens, call Queens Heart Institutefor:
• Diabetes treatment • Stroke treatment • Sleep apnea treatment
• Varicose veins treatment • Weight managment program • Women health center

Keep your heart healthy through prevention. Call Queens Heart Institute at 718.949.9400 or use our online Request an Appointment form to schedule your comprehensive heart health consultation. We offer our services to the neighborhoods of South Jamaica, Rosedale, Elmont, Jamaica, Laurelton and Springfield Gardens in Queens County, NY.